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ISP and telecoms

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Cloud solutions integration

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What People Say

Our Clients

Magnus Hult
CEO of Atomia AB

Troxo was Atomia’s first partner and we still work with them. It’s rare to find a professional yet humble organization ready to stand with you whenever you need them. The team at Troxo have an in-depth knowledge of our platform, the technologies we use, and the hosting industry as a whole.

Our Clients

Fabian Falch
CEO and Founder of XSALE AS

For 9 years I’ve had the pleasure of working with Troxo. I greatly benefited from not only the delivery on time and within budget but also from the willingness of the intuitive development team to go the extra mile. It’s always nice to work with a partner that shows such a level of commitment.

Our Clients

Mark ten Klooster
Project Manager at F&J webcreation

We have been working with Troxo for over 8 years. Utilizing the ability to add developers when needed enables us to create and maintain great products for our customers. This also helps us keep flexible and on target. Regardless of distance, working with Troxo has always been a great experience for us!

About Us


Troxo is a Swedish owned IT company founded in 2001 based in Nis, Serbia. Troxo ranks among the most experienced IT companies in the region with a number of satisfied clients while employing and producing top talents. The company specialises in providing skills, resources and complete solutions for ISP, Hosting, Telecommunications, and Media industries. Our team consists of creative problem solvers from diverse backgrounds bound together by one common vision — to deliver nothing but the best. Troxo is particularly proud of the fact that majority of its developers hold a “senior” tittle, while some of them have more than a decade of software engineering experience. We can put together the right combination of skills and resources to provide customised solutions to your unique business requirements. We value our clients and are committed to building long-term, mutually beneficial relationships based on transparency, visibility, and trust. Our list of satisfied clients includes Atomia, Loopia AB, Pingdom AB, NSN ASA, Dootall BV etc.


Solutions for webhosting industry

Using our technical expertise and best network engineering practices, we provide complete solutions for shared, dedicated, virtual server and cloud hosting companies. Our cost effective services are customized to suit your unique business needs.

Software engineering

If you have an idea, we have the power to turn it into reality, creating the perfect web applications to serve your unique business requirements. Our broad range of technical skills include: Linux, MySQL, PHP/Python, Apache, Ajax, JavaScript, C, C++, Perl, Shell Scripting, C# and ASP.NET.

Integrations for webhosting, ISP and telecomunications

We help our clients in reducing time-to-market and return-of-investment by integrating existing solutions, such as: Billing, CRM, Helpdesk and Support, ERP. Our consulting services helps you choose the best solution available.

Cloud services integration

Our experience with different Cloud APIs enables us to easily integrate cloud services into your bussiness and create competitive advantage by allowing your business to scale easily.

Join us

f(x)=e^{x} … we are growing

Troxo is a Swedish owned IT company founded in 2001 based in Nis, Serbia. Troxo ranks among the most experienced IT companies in the region with a number of satisfied clients while employing and producing top talents. During its existence Troxo was a cradle for several lucrative start-ups (Atomia, Pingdom etc.) while many of Troxo’s employees, continued their career in some of the IT game’s biggest names.

To our employees we offer

  • Competitive salary
  • Highly experienced team encouraging self advancement
  • Top notch hardware, standing desks and ergonomic chairs
  • Private pension plan
  • Attending IT conferences
  • Paid business english lessons

We think about our team’s satisfaction and health

  • Team buildings
  • Great location and office space (table football & tennis, PS4)
  • Organised sport events (football, basketball)
  • Team breakfast, drink, snacks and fresh fruits
  • Paid health check in a private clinic
  • Monthly gym membership (FitPass, swimming, sauna, massage)

To continue our tradition of top talent employees we look for people who:

Junior Developer

  • Posses passion towards solving complex abstract problems
  • Have certain experience in PHP or .NET
  • And of course Javascript, HTML and CSS
  • Know how to communicate and live inside of a team
  • English is a must but GIT they can learn with us
  • Support both Bill Gates AND Linus Torvalds

Senior Developer

  • All mentioned in Junior description but with more experience
  • Have experience with AGILE methods
  • Use GIT on daily basis

We give advantage to seniors who:

  • Have worked with cloud, hosting and billing solutions
  • Are experienced in implementing a 3rd party API or have created their own API


  • Internships are organised in coordination with the university
  • Duration can’t be less than one month, (6 weeks, university standard)
  • We look for people interested in full stack web but also other technologies as well
  • If intern is showing results, compensation up to 2/3 of junior pay check can be offered

We give advantage to people who have a project that they worked on which they can show to us.

Interested candidates can make an inquiry or apply by sending their CV to one of the emails bellow.
If you prefer to read the code, check out this function on our GitHub. Pull Requests are welcome.



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Phone: +381 18 29 29 42